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Garment Merchandiser


Senior high school


Job Description:

1. Pleasant appearance, dedicated and enthusiastic

2. Hardworking, obey the arrangement of leaders


Job Responsibilities:

1. Be engaged in trade business, implement trade regulations, develop market and master relevant experience in garment industry;

2. Take charge of customer contact, formulation of quoted prices, business negotiation and contract signing;

3. In charge of production tracking, delivery and field monitoring;

4. Responsible for examination of documents, customs clearance, account settlement and after-sales service;

5. Customer development and maintenance;

6. Business data processing and archiving;

7. Relevant business work report.



1. College degree or above, majored in International Trade or Business English;

2. 2+years of working experience in trade industry, candidates with working experience in foreign enterprises preferred;

3. Familiar with trade procedures and relevant laws and regulations, professional knowledge in trade field;

4. Proficient in English, good computer skills;

5. Good business development ability and business negotiation skills, strong consciousness of public relations, entrepreneur spirit, team spirit, the ability of handling affairs independently, pioneering and innovative.


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